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Patrick Bruen TravelPatrick Bruen was born in Ireland in a coal mining family. His father was a coal miner and ever since, Patrick always belived that “a diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure.” He graduated with a degree in commerce and marketing from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Since graduating, Patrick has owned and developed multiple businesses in publishing, sales, and manufacturing. As a successful business man, Patrick won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award for his excellent worldwide service as the co-founder of Investex Capital in 2005. Investex is a private investing firm that focuses on natural resources in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. More specifically, they specialize in mining and energy assets; most notably, Diamonds from the South African Diamond Company and precious metals from a precious metal refinery in the Isle of Man.

Patrick Bruen also co-owns and is the director of an aviation company based in Dubai that specializes in heavy freight commercial aviation. In 2013, Patrick gained another position as a Marketing Director for Tyrus Wings Aviation. At Tyrus Wings, Patrick is in charge of marketing all over Asia for commercial and private aircrafts.

Patrick has two offices: one in Hong Kong where he focuses on his duties for Tyrus Wings and the other in London where he still works for Investex Capital. Patrick’s job entails him to travel often. He has been to over 50+ countries and is expected to hit many more as time continues.

While Patrick is not working, he is enjoying to company of his wife, Louise. They often travel together for relaxation and vacationing purposes. His upcoming trips include South Africa, New York, Australia, Philippines, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Panama. Patrick also enjoys to read about world politics, watch films, and attend events at his local theater.



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